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Funny Games

With great power comes great responsibility. A giant asteroid is heading towards Earth,... Show these pig menaces no mercy in this fun addictive game. Launch this iconic birds in...  Play Games Not satisfied with stealing the Angry Birds’ eggs, the Green Pigs destroyed... Avoid the angry people and try to hit them with your love missiles! Princess Anna from Frozen is preparing for the Valentine date with Kristoff. But when K... Ariel sees an unkempt water garden on the shore and thinks up a plan of restoring it to... Use the left and right cursor keys to defend your christmas dinner from attacking sprou... Preschool Annual Day is organized for Baby Hazel and friends. Kids are excited to showc... A stress relief game. Use mouse to interact. Do you think you have what it takes to be a fighter? First of all, you have to think sm... Walk around the college as you dodge other people and make it to the exit quickly on ea... Bomb dumb-asses with your loogies. Use mouse to interact. A lesson in science using humour and characterisation. Highly amusing.Mouse to drag the... Catch Chickens to win. To Successfully capture a chicken, fence in the chicken in four ... Cruise Holidays Free Game: Click on objects to add them together and solve each scenari... Joe wants to see the world. Help him out by clicking on different objects in the enviro... Mercilessly throw hordes of fruits into your blender! Then blend, blend, blend, and ble... Learn to express different emotions to get back with your girlfriend in this interactiv... Andrea is getting ready for her very first date! Help her find the pieces of her outfit... Anna accidently stepped into a thorny bush while taking a walk in the countryside. She ... Choose sides with Bill Gates or Steve Jobs as they battle for ultimate computing suprem... Defend your lawn from anyone who gets to close. Try maintain the perfect stretch right ... Grab your snot and aim at the attacking villagers to attack. Drop water balloons on people while standing on the Golden Gate Bridge.Use the mouse to... Fight as granny with some super kung fu combos. Swing those saggy arms and legs around! Use the mouse to eat the smaller (green) blocks and avoid being eaten by the bigger (re... Put your lips to good use. Talk away & impress the girls. Use your gift of the gab to h... Bull returns for revenge fully armed and dangerous to the slaughterhouse for a bloody v... Someone needs a really quick home overhaul in this Ladybug garden decoration game and y... Our favorite construction worker, Emmet, has been hit in the head with a lego brick and... Walk through your school, flirt with all the boys and score points. Do you have what it takes to answer correctly all the pictures and make all the monkeys... Mulan has been injured during a fight and she needs to find a doctor quickly. Help our ... Jump through the hoops, my darling dolphins! Follow the trainer's instructions to enter... Get naughty with the hot babysitter! You dont need good marks to top this class, just a wicked mind! Get naughty with Naught... Naughty Elevator Free Game: Be naughty in the elevator as you click on items trying to ... Find all cigarettes in a room and squirt on them. Your baby birds are starving, and you must feed them with their favorite meal, humans! ... Help the bride and groom in this Pou girl wedding party game and you will have lots of ... Pou starts a great adventure.Pou must jump on the tree platforms and try to ghet to the... You are not allowed to make big experiments. If you complete these complex experiments ... Guide the ragdoll around the bloody assault course causing as much pain as possible.Use... This web page dedicated to red ball games. All kind of redd ball games can be played he... Red Ball 4 games play Red Ball 4 Redball 4 Volume 2 Even though you are drunk, try to not splash over the rim in the toilet. Choose the right diary and make it unique by customizing it and then start the Rilay di... Your task is to fly as far as you can with your shopping cart. You more money for your ... Many have tried, many have failed. Do you have what it takes to be a shopping cart hero... In this game we are going to clean the bathroom. The bathroom looks so dirty and it req... Balloon Santa is net als de originele Balloon Tom galgje in een geheel eigen jasje.Na h... Destroy the sofa with some fiendish weapons as quick as you can in this mouse-click fre... Adjust your angle and power and get your spitward to hit the computer player or a 2nd p... SpongeBob is going to village for gold coins. Help him to collect all coins and reach t... A nuclear war has devastated your once beautiful planet. The world has gone to hell, as... Your the sun and try to control the crowd on beach by burning people up. Use arrow keys... You only have one job to do: KILL YOURSELF! Find various ways to put the pixelman to de... Choose your celeb. Drop-kick your celeb into Grrlas playground. Unleash your Grrr! and ... Help Mac and the other imaginary friends rescue Bloo and get rid of the Extreme-osaurus... Try to complete the quiz by answering all of the questions and solving puzzles that req... Today is Halloween, play with Talking Tom cat, then see what interesting things will ha... Use the ARROW KEYS on your keyboard to select a path through the maze, causing as much ...
Get ready for a big laugh! These games are not only fun but they're truly exciting. Still, most of them require serious skills. Try these popular games to be a master of small tricks in real life! Come on, give them a try!

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